Khloe Blvd

Dress like a celebrity everyday

CEO Khloe

Rainbow Purse & Cat Eyed Glasses

Our CEO rocking our glasses & purse.

Toddler Purse

This cutie on the BLVD rocking our toddler purse!

Takeout Handbag

This cutie on the BLVD rocking our yellow Takeout Handbag!

Shades to block the sun rays!

These cuties rocking our shades and Bubblegum Handbag!


 I highly recommend shopping with Khloe Blvd! Prices are reasonable and customer service is great. She gets back with you ASAP and makes sure you get your items you’ve paid for in a very reasonable time frame. Items sold are very fashionable to wear, I love her business. 


I rate Khloe Blvd a 5/5! The business is great and very organized. The items that are sold are beneficial to all genders and all ages. I 100% recommend shopping❤️!


I bought a pair of pink diamond sunglasses from Khloe Blvd. After I purchased the sunglasses I received them in less than two days, which is great service. The sunglasses looked exactly how they looked on her Instagram, and they are very sturdy. None of the diamonds have fallen off nor have the glasses broken. Khloe Blvd is an amazing business, and they stay on top of their orders. I love their way of business and their products. I will definitely be buying more products from them!